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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Barter economy FTW!!

I have two Bokashi bins, which I fill about every six weeks, and I love them. I think they're great for inner city living...until you have to empty them every six weeks.

I have got a kind of (dying and waiting for replanting in Spring) garden out the back, but I really don't have enough room for burying the Bokashi compost. What to do, what to do?

I went into the Watershed a few months ago to find out if there was a compost sharing community or something around Newtown, and there didn't seem to be one running. However, one of the women working at the Watershed offered to take the compost off my hands for her garden. I jumped at the chance and she came and picked up that lot soon afterwards.

This week I had reached the limit of fullness in the bins, and she was happy to come around again to pick up the compost, and she offered to give me some gifts from her garden. To my surprise and joy, this bounty greeted me when I got home this evening:

There are little hot chillies (which I used in tonight's iteration of Spicy Lentil Soup)

A green and gorgeous tangle of herbs, including coriander (already consumed tonight!), basil, oregano and mint

I'm assuming these are Asian greens - they look shiny and well tasty!

A beautiful big bunch of rhubarb - I'm going to make breakfast rhubarb crumble with this! Yum!

And finally plump purple wondrous smelling lavender - I'm drying this out and will put it into my clothes drawer, mmmmm!

I'm feeling very blessed and lucky at the moment - some wonderful things are happening in my life - and finding these gifts on my doorstep today really gave me a joyful feeling of community, and that is a wonderful way to feel!!


Blogger Miss T said...

How lovely! What a nice way for a garden to keep giving.


12:22 PM  
Blogger x said...

That's the one reason I have put off getting a bokashi bin. I only have a potted veggie garden and would have no where to empty my bin if I had one. I'm thinking of getting my parents to take the contents or asking our apartment gardeners to help themselves.

That lady was really nice to give you some veggies & lavender, go the community spirit!

5:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is why a worm farm is really good. it takes much longer to get the same amount of 'compost' but you dont have to bury it, its ready to use. the liquid can be diluted as fertilizer and there is nothing you need to purchase to cover the food scraps with. worth looking into, they are portable for apartment living but not as tiny as bokashi bins. cheaper also. check out the watershed workshops and info.

1:23 PM  

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