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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

News of excitingness!!

I have been a crap blogger recently, what with the massive flu, and then having my classes start up again (on Saturdays this time, so I'm working 5 days at my standard job and then one extra day as a food freak!), and also desperately trying to write a guest column about sweets for aduki magazine.

Oh yes, you heard right. I've written a little piece, with a couple of recipes, that will appear in aduki magazine's next issue, out on September 26. I'm very excited about this, not least because it's nice to be involved with an Australian independent magazine devoted to the vegan lifestyle!

A quick precis of aduki publishing (as taken from their website):

aduki independent press is a boutique publishing company based in Melbourne, Australia.

Our focus is non-fiction books, essays and magazines with particular interest in: community, environment, food, migration, politics, social justice and travel.

We publish work by new and inspired authors and cover topics and issues that are often overlooked in mainstream media.

And about aduki magazine (again, taken from their website):

aduki is a bi-annual food and lifestyle magazine for vegetarians, vegans and people interested in a healthier and more ethical lifestyle. Regular features include reviews, recommendations and information on: fashion, beauty, food and drink products, books, websites, restaurants, food stores, nutrition, recipes and permaculture.

Free print copies of aduki can be found at over 60 retail outlets in the Melbourne metropolitan area and electronic versions are available for free download below. As of September 2007 small quanities of print copies will be available in NT, SA and NSW.

For those unable to access free print copies, you can purchase them for a small fee from the website.

aduki publishing have recently published a couple of great vegan books - one is the Vegan Shopper, a wallet sized reference book with information on additives, animal derived ingredients and what to look for when you're doing your ethical shopping; and the other is Tempting Tempeh, a shiny good quality cookbook with 20 recipes using that protein powerhouse, tempeh. I've seen both of these books around Sydney in favoured vegan haunts, such as Green Gourmet and my local health food store, Dr Earth. I recommend getting copies, not just because they're awesome, but also to support locally produced vegan cookbooks - there are just not enough Australian based vegan ventures!!

Obviously, I would also encourage you to keep an eye out for the magazine and grab yourself a copy, flip straight to the Sweet Treats column and figure out what I look like once and for all....