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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tofu of the Scrambled variety...

Scrambled tofu is a ubiquitous vegan experience, and many blogs have featured it, but I thought I'd talk a little about my take on it.

Pre-vegan, I loathed scrambled eggs and omelettes. Mostly because of the eggy issue (I hate the smell), but also because my mother made them soft and in what I felt was a far too uncooked manner. So on the rare occasions I made them, I would cook them until dry and beginning to brown - so mostly it all just tasted of fried.

Even with my scrambled egg dislike, I really didn't get the whole scrambled tofu thing. I just avoided the savoury breakfast....

And then one day, after being vegan for a little while, I had the urge for savoury breakfast and I made scrambled tofu for the first time - and have been a convert ever since!!

Things I must do when I make scramble:
  • Crumble the extra firm tofu between my fingers until there are bigger bits, crumbly powdery bits, and every bit in between.
  • Include garlic, spring onion, sliced mushrooms and cubed tomatoes.
  • Have both dried herbs and fresh herbs (and/or baby spinach or rocket).
  • Add some apple cider vinegar and let the mixture sit and meld (the vinegar helps to break down the garlic and herbs and force their flavours into the tofu)
Things I usually don't do when I make scramble:
  • Add nutritional yeast (except for the times that I do)
  • Add turmeric
  • Add chilli (though I do sprinkle some hot sauce on top after it's all done)
So. Yeah. Those are my scramble guidelines - I do recommend trying the apple cider trick, it does add a little somethin' somethin' to the experience.

In closing, I give to you this morning's scrambled tofu:

Served on blueberry waffles, with shallots, garlic, tomato, mushrooms, green stuffed olives, parsley, spinach, rocket, Italian herbs, umesu, nooch, Braggs, apple cider vinegar and cracked black pepper. Cooked in olive oil until beginning to stick and brown a little.



Blogger Susan said...

How did it go with the blueberry waffles?

I have some tofu sitting in the fridge at the moment awaiting a scrambly fate. I have had some powerful cravings of late. I will try the apple cider vinegar trick when I do! I do love to add the nooch though LOL

10:00 AM  

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