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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

*sings* What a vegan kind of daaaayyyyyy!

Today (well, after work anyway) was a great vegan day. Lunchtime was fun, too, with my empanadas, and feeding my workmates vegan cheezcake is always fun. But for me, this afternoon ranks very high on my vegan-o-meter.

Why? Because two very cool things happened. One was that my favourite vegan cheez was in stock at my favourite vegan faux meat store, Vegan's Choice, for the first time in...12 months? A really long time anyway.

And what's my favourite vegan commercially available cheez (I love making Dragonfly's Dry Uncheese Mix)? I don't mind Cheezly, but I find it fatty and chalky, and can only eat it in things, not by itself. But there is a vegan cheese that I yearn for based purely upon its' flavour. That would be Smoked Cheddar Sheese. I have been daydreaming about this creamy, sharp, smoky vegan cheez since the first time I tasted it. I am incredibly excited about the fact that it's back in stock - so excited that I bought a metric ton of Sheese this afternoon, as well as crackers (yup, Sheese is good enough to eat plain on crackers - love!!), bread (Sheese and chutney sandwiches, here I come!), chutney, faux meats to have with the Sheese...well, you get the drift. I'm really looking forward to making up a ploughman's on the weekend!!

I got 2 Smoked Cheddar, 2 Strong Cheddar, 1 Cheshire Style, 1 Blue Style (I want to make pear and walnut cos salad with blue sauce, nummy!!) and 1 Spreadable. They'll last, unopened, until July next year (ah, processed food. How you freak me out), so I'll be able to offer some to my upcoming house guests so that they too can experience the joy.

I cracked open a Smoked Cheddar and the Spreadable, as well as the Cheatin' Pepperoni and sesame poppy crackers, and had myself a very rich dinner!!

Sexy avocado, baby tomato and sea salt

Mmmmm, smoky...

Spreadable and Cheatin' Pepperoni

I found everything tasty and rich, and don't know that I can face Sheese again until at least, ooh, tomorrow...

Loaded down with the many food purchases, I came home to find that my Bokashi bin had been delivered, huzzah!! Bokashi bins are benchtop composts, with a microbial inoculant containing beneficial micro-organisms, which ferments the vegetable waste and breaks it down without any smell, and you can drain off liquid to use as fertiliser and when the waste breaks down you mix it with soil and then use the soil to grow lots of yummy veges and fruit, the waste of which you...put into the Bokashi bin!!

I've got a tiny enclosed courtyard in the new place, but I'm going to get planters and hanging pots and set up a small organic kitchen garden, and the Bokashi bin is definitely a positive starting point! I'm very excited and terrified at the idea of growing my own veges and fruit, especially since I'm convinced that I've got a black thumb, but I really want to start living as sustainably as possible, and to do that I need to grow stuff - so I'm going to give it a good Aussie bash!! Wish me luck!!

Thus ends my very happy vegan feeling day! Huzzah!


Blogger evestirs said...

mmm...now you've got me cravin some sheese!

2:53 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

Yummy! That compost bin's an awesome idea!

12:57 PM  
Blogger Susan said...

Leigh! You have to get me some Sheeze... I must have some!

I have just been to the Vegan's Choice page and seen that they do on line ordering and postage to Brisbane! Hurrah! Time for a big order, me thinks... tee hee hee!

12:09 PM  

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