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Thursday, October 02, 2008

That time of year again...

Hells yeah, it's VeganMofo. The aim being to post about the joys of vegan food and lifestyle every.single.day. of October.

And I've already missed a day. And this post is going to be a bit crap. But it's a start!!

So today I'm going to talk about...

...moving house and suddenly wanting to cook again. I moved last Tuesday, and for the last week have been cooking more than I have in about 6 months. I made risoni risotto and scrambled tofu - not that exciting. I made Vegan Dad's breakfast sausages and pepperoni (though I made mine with sundried tomatoes and garlic instead of peppercorns) - pretty damned exciting!! To top it all off, I made moussaka for the first ever time in my life - I'd post a photo but it did look a little like lumpy baby vomit after I served it up. Tasted like awesome, though!! And finally, my proudest moment was making coconut-lemon sago pudding, inspired by the Iku scrumptiousness. For my first time cooking sago, and for not having all of the ingredients (in that I used oat milk, water and coconut essence instead of coconut milk), I was pretty damned impressed with the effort. And have been eating it all week, because I made a metric ton of it!!

...cooking demonstrations in strange places. I'm taking part in the Under the Blue Moon festival this coming weekend, with a stall selling aduki titles and 2 performances/cooking demonstrations throughout the day. I'm making cashew creme for everyone to see, and then doing an awful lot of "here's something I made earlier" to create (in the first session) Black Forest Cake and (in the second session) Chocolate Truffles. In a pinstripe skirt, skintight naughty Betty shirt, waist-cinching corset and platform heels. I'm aiming to exude a sort of dominatrix/Gordon Ramsay vibe...It's going to be a blast!! But probably strange...

...missing nooch. I didn't have nooch in the house for a couple of weeks and began to yearn for it something chronic. And explaining to anyone else that you are jonesing for a fix of deactivated Vegemite-smelling yeast flakes is...well, you just don't explain it to anyone who isn't a vegan, that's what you do.

...Lifestyle Food. I got cable telly for the first time in my life and have found it almost impossible to tear myself away from Lifestyle Food. I finally found out who Rachael Ray is (who piqued my interest not through her own work but through the amazing dessert work of a ppk poster), and am deeply involved in the outcome of Great British Menu. It matters not that I wouldn't ethically condone or cook 90% of the meals, I find comfort in being able to watch other food obsessed folks be food obsessed and make some sort of living out of it. Plus it does give me ideas. And I'm in love with the Hairy Bikers, for a lot of reasons, but in great part because they don't seem to actively loathe veg*ns. I don't ask for much...

...avoiding baking. I should be making stuff for the cooking demonstration, but I'm knackered (I started a new job this week, tired, tired, tired).

That will have to do. Another post tomorrow, I swear. And possibly there may be photos of amusement from the festival, you never know...

VeganMofo! Oh yeah!


Blogger Amy said...

Moussaka is great - I made it the other week (the Vcon recipe).

I hope we get to see Dominatrix chef photos!

11:29 PM  
Blogger Bex said...

nooch is a necessity. Even my cat thinks so.

7:23 AM  
Blogger Susan said...

You know you never have to explain nooch cravings to me. ;)

I want to come and watch Lifestyle Food with you! Maybe in December!

11:13 AM  

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