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Friday, October 17, 2008

When nothing but sandwiches will do...

That's open sandwiches, by the way.

I have strayed off my recipe plan for the week, and entered the dangerous land of bread. But bread used merely as a base for crazed amounts of vegetable-y tasty goodness.

So, I had bruschetta a couple of nights ago. Got a sourdough baguette and cut slices on the angle, brushed with garlic and baked in a slow oven until just coloured. I made two vege toppings - classic tomato, garlic and basil (with a dressing of olive oil and, in a non-traditional twist, some umesu), and some marinated mushrooms (button mushrooms sliced, with a marinade of minced spring onion, parsley, flaxseed oil and lemon juice and white pepper). I also mashed some avocado, and sliced up some Strong Cheddar Sheese.

Et voila
Tasty breads

Tonight, I realised that I had some tempeh still marinating from Monday night, and decided to make BLATs, but made open style. So, sourdough baguette sliced on an angle, spread with avocado, mayonnaise, sliced tomato, tempeh bacon, topped with rocket and dressed in flaxseed oil, umesu and apple cider vinegar.

So. Very. Good.

And I took some sexy photos, so here's the many angles of tonight's BLATs...

I highly recommend the miniature open sandwiches - you can get creative and inspired, they'll always look really cute and groovy, and they taste really good!! Here in Australia it's coming up to what I think of as bruschetta (and strawberry) season and I'm looking forward to lots of dinners of bruschetta followed by fresh strawberries. Yay!!


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