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Monday, January 12, 2009

Interview and Review Roundup

Just a quick post with some links to interviews I've done in support of Vegan Indulgence, and reviews of said book. It's been an interesting ride, with mostly positive responses, for which I am greatly thankful. Putting recipes on a blog is scary enough, putting out a book is terrifying and incredibly rewarding.

A scan of the review from Vegan Voice - I was really happy to be reviewed (predominantly positively) in this magazine, which I have enjoyed for years.

I recently did a wide ranging, very fun interview with abolitionist-online, and you can find it online now!

A wonderful review from Veg World, which I have been meaning to post since it came out in August, and which humbles me with its' passionate praise.

The juggernaut has slowed, and it's been nothing but a joy. I hope that everyone who has bought my book has found at least one recipe that they enjoy - hopefully more!!


Blogger Vegyogini said...

VegNews reviewed it in the most recent issue, too. Congratulations on all the press!

7:34 AM  
Blogger ZuckerBaby said...

Ooh, that's so exciting! I haven't seen that - I hope they were gentle with me! And thanks for the congrats!

8:44 AM  
Blogger a vegan about town said...

Congratulations on the press! (And they're totally right about the coconut and raspberry sandwiches - they're great)

3:08 PM  

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