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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Recent random foods...

...and bonus cat.

Gorgeous pumpkin-oatmeal cookies received as part of a ppk sponsored cookie swap (thanks, juicyfruitz!)

Tempeh Lasagne, inspired by aduki's Tempting Tempeh cookbook. Anyone who knows me in real life knows my general reaction to tempeh (picture a pea-soup-less version of the Exorcist), so the fact that I made this at all, let alone adored it and yearned for more of it, is nothing short of a miracle!

Squeak asleep in the sun. Just because, 'kay?

Badly lit and a little bit bland, but also nice, lettuce soup (which may or may not have been served with potato bits)

I discovered the supermacro button on my camera, can you tell? Banana Cheezcake.

An example of what happens in the couple of days after this vegan gets her 3 monthly B12 injection - 17 sweet dishes cooked in just under 36 hours, all for a taste test party for my upcoming book Vegan Indulgence . It was fun and well worth it!


Blogger Amy said...

Kitty and cake - a winning blog combination (plus your stuff looks awesome!). When's the book being published?

6:43 PM  
Blogger ZuckerBaby said...

Thanks, Amy! Book will be published by aduki (www.aduki.net.au) in early August. I'm just getting started on the supreme pimpage now ;-)

I tried to find a picture of my other cat, and post that, but it had mysteriously disappeared. Obviously she's been at my 'puter in the middle of the night again, playing WoW and making rude webpages...

11:02 PM  

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