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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Lebanese Feast of Feasty Goodness - Tabbouleh

I love tabbouleh (or however you choose to spell it...). I love the freshness of the parsley and mint, and the nuttiness of the burghul, and the sweetness of the tomatoes, and the bite of the spring onions.

I hate commercially produced tabbouleh. I generally find it dry and bland and throat-sticky. And so I keep forgetting quite how much I dig it, and I forget that making it yourself is simple and produces a far superior eating experience.

It's summer (in Australia, anyway...), lots of salads are in order: get cracking on this delicious and filling and healthy tabbouleh!!



A crapload of flat leaf parsley (I used about two large bunches), chopped - not too fine, but not really coarsely
Half the above amount of mint, chopped - not too fine, but not really coarsely
1 cup of dry burghul (cracked wheat)
1 cup of boiling water
about 1/3 to 1/2 cup chopped spring onions
1 cup chopped tomatoes
lemon juice
olive oil


Put the burghul into a bowl, and pour in the boiling water, and a tiny splash of olive oil. Set aside - the burghul will absorb the water, and become soft and chewy. Toss with a fork, and allow to cool.

Put the parsley, mint, spring onions, tomatoes and burghul into a bowl, and mix thorougly. Just before serving, pour lemon juice to taste over the salad to dress it.


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