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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Chocolate Mousse (or is it a truffle?)

I only really discovered the joys of chocolate mousse after becoming vegan – just one of those things that tasted far too…creamy and fatty and rich…when made with animal products.

Since then, I have made chocolate mousse occasionally – mostly as a special occasion dish. It’s so rich and nice (but light and not ill-feeling making) and especially easy to make, but it looks so darned impressive ;-)

I like to eat this on its’ own, or with a nice vanilla soy ice cream, or with fresh fruit. Or, you could make a lovely biscuit base (such as the one I use for Not!Cheesecake) and spread the mousse in it, and serve up a lovely mousse pie.

This time around, I made coconut chocolate mousse, which thickened up to almost truffle consistency in the fridge!! Reduce the amount of coconut if you decide to make the mousse – or increase it a little to make lovely firm truffles!!

Other flavours you could add – orange juice/Cointreau (perhaps use cocoa rather than chocolate in this case), or mint essence (mmm mint choc mousse) or none at all, because chocolate is lovely all on its own ;-)

Chocolate Coconut Mousse


1 x 300g block silken tofu, carefully drained
1 block vegan chocolate, melted
Liquid sweetener to taste (I used about 1/3 to to 1/2 cup vegan maple syrup)
1/2 to 1 cup shredded coconut


Put the tofu into your trusted food processor (mine is beginning to die! I’m going to have invest in a hardy commercial grade one soon, methinks…), and whiz around until just beginning to get smooth. Pour in the slightly cooled melted chocolate, and process to combine thoroughly. Slowly add your liquid sweetener, stopping occasionally to taste. I don’t like my mousse too sweet, so you really need to find your own level here – it’s such a rich treat that the less sweet is better (plus, it means that you can serve it with much sweeter icecream and not feel sugar overloaded!!)

When the mousse is a lovely glossy smooth consistency, slowly add in your coconut – you can just stir it through, or you can combine it quickly in your food processor.

Chill until thickened, and serve.

Share and enjoy with someone you love!!


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